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Safe School zone project

The Safe School Zone project aims at leading visible, cost-efficient and effective interventions to make areas around schools and sustainable, adaptive way that considers the specificity of each area.

Working with irap tool upon selection of designated schools based on a set of selection criteria, this project will carry on its activities in the following steps:

We Identifying traffic and safety issues around the school and gather all relevant information this include:

  1. Damaged infrastructure such as faded road markings for cars and pedestrians crossing, missing or damaged road signs, etc.
  2. Traffic or safety issues such as sidewalk, parking, congestion, child visibility etc.
  3. Driving offences such as speeding vehicles, inconsiderate driving maneuvers, etc. or issues related to school transportation or buses.

We Plan and implement solutions and interventions:

The most appropriate solution for a particular school may involve a combination of engineering, education, enforcement and encouragement measures

  1. Engineering – the implementation of treatments such as appropriate road markings, islands, signage, bus stops, and other measures.
  2. Education – this includes in school road safety education, mobilization of social workers in schools, education of bus drivers and empowerment of school staff to play an active role in ensuring safety around school areas.
  3. Enforcement – this involve school crossing patrols and manifestations by older students, social workers or volunteers, supplying them with the needed equipment’s and IEC training.
  4. Encouragement – these include the school assessment and accreditation of school buses and their drivers as well as providing incentives for children and school staff for positive safety behaviors.

Evaluation, documentation and expansion:

This includes evaluation of the intervention, its contribution to changed behaviors and documentation (data collection, visual material, testimonials and field research).

The global 3-star or better campaign provides decision makers with the knowledge and investment business case to eliminate 1 and 2-star roads and save lives.

We do Research

We do Research:

  • Research evidence-based and best practice approaches to road safety.
  • Collect data and reports on local road safety actions / activities.
  • Research, develop and disseminate tools, resources, campaign materials and communications to assist local road safety actions.

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