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Remembering us in your Will is an extremely valuable way to ensure that our services can continue.

Safedrive Africa Foundation issues are on the increase and our services will be needed to help people affected families for years to come. Your legacy could do amazing things to help us support those affected by fertility problems in the future. Your gift could help make sure we’re there for them when they need us most.

What you leave does not need to be a large amount. As well as those who leave larger legacies, there are also people who leave smaller legacies to their chosen charity. Whatever size your legacy is, by making that bequest you will be helping to make a real difference to save lives

Be part of the next chapter

Thank you for considering leaving us a gift. If you do decide to remember us, rest assured your donation will be treated with great care and have a truly incredible impact. It will mean a great deal to us – and those we support in

Amount Purpose Link
$ 10,000 To run all of public awareness services children for 12 months Donate
$1,000 To provide emotional support to several families from a social worker because when someone is very ill many people may be affected, including children Donate
$ 5,000 To help increase the impact disadvantages drivers in the communities Donate
$ 500 To care for volunteers Donate
$ 25,000 To help purchase a road show vehicle van /truck and i serve as many community as possible Donate

Legacies - a lasting gift
Help us to ensure the future of safedrive Africa foundation by leaving a gift in your Will – a special gift which will provide for future generations.
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