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Towards enriching communities and towards achieving their sustainable development, SDAF is advancing its social contribution activities by working together with a wide range of various level of the society, while putting available resources to the most effective use possible. We have set the environment, traffic safety and human resource development as a priority areas as our social contribution activities, and we plan to add areas as needed to match the social need of each region.

Raising awareness among school children, tomorrow’s road safety ambassadors

Millions of cars, vans, Lorries, taxi, buses, and motorcycles are used for work, and for most of us, driving is the most dangerous work activity we do. SDAF have consequently joined forces communities to initiate countrywide health and safety programs, Climate change in mobilty and Air pollution targeting 10 to 18 year olds. With the support of the well-wishers, friends and corporate companies the aim is to reach 50,000 young people over three years. Taking advantage of SDAF and partner’s deep local roots, the program is developed in partnership with teachers and educators working at the heart of their communities, the goal being to provide solutions that reflect real-life dangers.

Workshops for employees from public, corporates organisations and religious institutions

On top of the health Safety, Climate change in Transport and Air pollution Ambassador Trainings, we also organise several workshops for our employees, particularly those who are required to be on the road for work purposes. These include the safe riding & motorbike workshop for dispatch riders, the Safe & Responsible driving workshop, and the road survival program.
These programmes cover various road-related topics, such as common causes of road crashes, effective motorbike maneuvering, safe measures that can be taken to avoid accidents, breakdown safety, first aid knowledge and emergency response in road traffic situations. We provide advice for employers on how to manage the risks faced, and created, by their staff when they use the road for work

School event outreach programmes

We target children and young people through our school’s event outreach campaigns as we believe that good road habits must be inculcated from a young age. Further, children are able to be effective influencers to their parents and family members as they can share what they have learned in school. During our school’s event outreach campaigns, we set up health and safety debate, concerts, drama for the students, from which they can learn about pedestrian safety, basic knowledge of road signs and passenger safety.

Workshops for children in churches & mosques

Walking is an excellent way to get about and provides a wide range of health and environmental benefits. Unfortunately, it also carries a certain amount of risk, and so we need to ensure that more walking does not lead to more pedestrian casualties while walking or riding to go for worship.
In partnership with our community, Children and parents, we organise a road safety workshop for children at church schools and mosques or at Nairobi children traffic park road safety circuit. The children alternated between different activities including learning to cross the street safely, recognizing traffic signs and basic road safety rules. The ride toy cars, bicycles and take turns playing the role of policemen who recognized and issued summons for traffic offenses.

SDAF Safe Routes to Recreation Parks Project

SDAF Safe Routes to Parks Project is aimed at working with communities to establish safe and accessible routes to parks for all ages, abilities, races, and incomes. Updates in infrastructure are often necessary for creating routes that can accommodate multimodal transportation safely. Community engagement is the foundation for any update. Walking audits are used to collect information on the existing condition of the routes, usually by the people who live in the community.
Children and adults in Kenya are not getting enough physical activity, and our health and wellbeing are suffering as a result. We are working on many strategies to help making it easier and safer to walk and bicycle, expanding access to parks, and more. One important place for collaboration and advocacy is making sure that people can safely walk and bicycle to parks an approach known as Safe Routes to Parks. Often, those communities that are most at need, with the highest levels of traffic injuries and deaths and the greatest health disparities, have the lowest levels of safe access to local parks.
Safe walking and biking connections to parks are essential to ensuring everyone can easily access great parks. Safe Routes to Parks was developed in collaboration with the Safe Routes Partnership to support park and recreation professionals and their partners to implement environmental, policy, and program strategies to create safe walking and biking access to parks.

SDAF Provide Consultancy Services

For many organizations, off the shelf programs do not meet their need. We specialize in developing company on job specific training and either delivering the onsite consultation using our partners support Team or preparing in-house facilitators to deliver the facilitation services.
SDAF is able to facilitate programs from the most basic seminar or workshop, through comprehensive blended learning and instruction.

Our Team Will:
Meet with your content experts and management Conduct a needs analysis and report results Design a facilitation and delivery strategy for approval

SDAF Provide Fleet Safety Training Programs companies

Fleet safety training is important for all employees. When conducting safety meetings, topics should include Worker Compensation safety topics, and Fleet Safety Training or driver safety topics. Companies that have employees who have the need or are required to drive as a part of their jobs, should be included into these fleet safety meetings.
SDAF offers fleet safety training. We offer many different topics and can customize those classes to the type of vehicles your company utilizes. Several of the more popular fleet safety training topics are: Speeding, seat belt use, child restraint, Alcohol and drugs, fatigue, avoiding, lane discipline Rear End Collisions, Backing, Merging, Intersection, and Distracted Driving.
Don’t see a topic here that is specific for your needs? We have access to hundreds of additional driver safety meeting topics. Looking for private passenger, van, or large vehicle topics? We have those too! Let us know what you need to save lives.

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