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Our partners are now outsourcing key projects so they can focus their resources on what they do best. Over the years, we have been helping these many companies by promoting health and safety at work place to save time and money. Focusing on their core competencies, reducing their costs, conserving their capital, improving quality, and increasing speed to market has been the main reason why a lot more companies have engaged our services. SDAF’s Driver Outsourcing programme is specifically designed to provide human resource services to all industries, companies and organizations which employ drivers to deliver goods and services.

Whether your company employs 3 people or 500 or more people, SDAF has the fleet staff, resources and Automotive available to effectively manage and maintain your fleet. SDAF’s fleet management professionals are versed in all aspects of personnel administration and labour management of all categories of drivers, giving us the ability to customize our services to your company's total needs with exact specifications.

Safedrive Africa Foundation is committed to being the best quality supplier of outsourcing best drivers in the industry to champion road safety initiative. The solution for effective running of your transport department is driver outsourcing. Safedrive Africa Foundation (SDAF) provides safe, knowledgeable and responsible drivers who will perform all functions right the first time and every time.

SDAF’s Driver Outsourcing programme is a driver staffing specialist providing qualified professional drivers, empowering young people to support their families and transportation personnel. Safedrive Africa specializes in:

  • Driver screening
  • Driver outsourcing and fleet assessment
  • Rider, Driver training, on job coaching and driver evaluations.
  • Annual onsite driver follow ups health and road safety awareness
  • Promote annual global road safety events at workplace

Our Services achieves full compliance in the countries road regulations and provides driver auditing nationwide and international level driver management for any size of fleet.

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  • Reduced frequency of road accidents and accident repair costs
  • Lower insurance costs as a result of fewer claims
  • Reduced fleet running costs
  • Less vehicle down time for maintenance and repair
  • More reliable vehicle scheduling
  • Savings on fuel, tyres and spares
  • Improved company image from greater care
  • Effective and improved time and route management
  • Reduction of accident rates involving company vehicles
  • Protecting and securing the investments of the company
  • Receive annual SDAFs visit for your driver’s training awareness and evaluation to promote road safety

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