Mentorship & Communinity Engagement


Throughout the year, the road safety team co-ordinate a number of campaigns targeting road user groups as part of its road casualty reduction strategy.

There are various ways in which publicity surrounding our campaigns can be used to

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Strengthening capacity at local and national level to address road safety is essential. The Safedrive Africa Foundation Initiative provides training activities targeted to community at the national level, as well as county level

SDAFs serves as a national platform to provide

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From road safety to the counties arts scene, we are dedicated to making Kenya a more vibrant place to walk, ride, drive ,play safely and live healthy. We are proud to support many community-based initiatives across 47 counties in Kenya each year.

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As an organisation that serves the public, we recognize our responsibility to give back to communities across the country. By focusing on the social and environmental impacts in Kenya, we can work towards strengthening our communities and providing future environmental friendly support.

Environmental commitment

Our focus is on finding new and innovative ways to help create a cleaner and healthier environment. We are a leader in road safety in Kenya and we work hard to minimize

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SDAF partners with host institution or organisations to provide capacity building and stabilization support in post-conflict, fragile and developing environments in Central Asia and Africa. Beginning with a strategic institutional investment in governments, donor agencies, businesses, associations and civil society groups, SDAF assists in strengthening community voice, legitimacy and in improving safety policies and acknowledgment of human rights.

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Want to ensure your child has the right knowledge to keep them safer

Every year Safedrive Africa hosts this event to educate children and parents about road safety through various fun activities during school holidays. We are joined by many of our safety partners in policing, firefighting, emergency services and bus safety to ensure our children have the knowledge to stay safe on our driveway.

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