We’re passionate about keeping our people safe, healthy and happy a community. Safety, health and wellbeing isn’t just about checklists but it’s about putting the health and safety first and wellbeing of people at the heart of an organisation’s culture and strategic direction to save lives. Membership of SDAF brings a wide range of benefits to help you and expand your company brand or services be visible in the community. Our overall goal is to strengthen civil society and citizen action for a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. Complete the form today and will send you for information
SDAF membership includes a growing number of organizations from the private sector, foundations, civil society and governmental & multilateral organizations, all of whom share a drive to collaborate in order to improve road safety and environmentally friendly.


Members of SDAF are part of a globally recognised network of like-minded organizations committed to improving road safety, environmentally friendly and Air pollutions, both within their organizations and beyond the business gates. Being a SDAF member brings several benefits that help organizations achieve their sustainability goals.


We several levels of membership based on the type of your organization, within each category SDAF offers option of Six tiers of corporate membership ranging Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Friend of SDAF and Member Support to suit the needs and interests of a wide range of organizations, depending desired level of involvement, services required and capacity.

Please complete the form bellow to receive a membership application form and a Corporate Membership tier levels that we have in place.

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