Donate in Tribute

Donating to honour the memory of those who have lost their lives on our roads is a thoughtful and significant way to show support. Safedrive Africa Foundation gratefully accepts donations in tribute which help us keep working towards a safer future for the next generation of young drivers and their passengers.

Your donation will help prevent road traffic injuries in the public transport network, save lives in the public service vehicle / matatu industry and improve the lives of matatu drivers, conductors and the community.

Here’s how your gift changes lives:

Donate bicycles for students

SDAF will seek the support of members in the local and Diaspora to donate bicycles for students in rural Kenya. There are lots of unused bicycles in the sheds of Diaspora members that are no longer in use because their children have outgrown them. We will collect these Bicycles and donate them to children in rural areas who will in turn be taught road safety riding skills and safe journey to school planning to avoid accidents, Kenyan students often live more than 10 kilometres away from school in rural areas. They walk this stretch twice a day, six days in a week. A long, time consuming hike that results in late going home. And also, they are needed at home for household chores or support in income generation. Many times forcing students to leave school, drop-out and face future without proper education. Not to speak about schoolgirls being sexually harassed and exploited in the transportation sector. The solution is simple: affordable and efficient transport. With a bicycle student are faster and able to cover longer distances easily. The bicycles enable them to go to school and do their household chores and give them a fair chance to follow education and create opportunities for future, by donating in kind of bicycles or as little as Ksh 500,000 or $5000 will help SDAF to empower young people from disadvantaged communities in the rural Kenya to get to and from school safely Click to Donate

Donate Advocacy Project Vehicle(s)

Your old car can help improve save lives of thousands around the country! Help SDAF prevent Road traffic injury, which are largely preventable, improve community health, and promote sustainable development to save more lives.

Appropriate vehicles are a lifeline to help spread road safety message across the country and serve more people including in the remote rural communities in which we work. This project vehicle(s) will allow us to make visits to traffic traumatized families in hard-to-access locations, carry more staff, road safety volunteers and be more effective as road safety ambassadors. Most importantly we can use it to carry our community outreach road safety events, road shows and road safety campaigns countrywide, project budget is USD 30,000 Or Ksh 3,000,000 .You may also donate in-kind or in memory of your friend, family or a colleague who died on a road accident. SDAF will replicate the Road Show that we organize as part of the UN Global Road Safety Week program and to commemorate the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims in November each year.

We are looking for an amazing donor or philanthropy to donate us a vehicle to support our road safety projects in Kenya. Donating is easy to do Click to Donate

Donate wheelchairs and mobility aids

Why donate wheelchairs, mobility aids and durable medical equipment for road traffic victims?

There are a few very good reasons why you should donate wheelchairs, mobility aids, your time or money to Wheels of Hope in support of our road safety mission for traffic victims. Every wheelchair donated is the opportunity for someone to experience the love and hope after a road crash. Your donation of mobility equipment provides an opportunity for someone to attend school, church, and become part of their community.

Wheels for SDAF accepts donations of mobility devices to support road traffic victims including:

  • Manual wheelchairs, all types and sizes
  • Aluminum walkers, crutches, and canes
  • Wheelchair footrests
  • Other wheelchair parts and trays
  • Wheelchair seat cushions
  • New crutch and armpit pads, hand grips, and foot tips

To donate equipment, contact our local Chair to arrange a pick-up or drop-off. Click to Donate

Donate Ksh 5,000 or $50 or more to ensure victims and survivors of crime receive follow up crisis intervention counseling, court advocacy, assist in applying for the Victims Compensation Program, and Information and Referral. Will also provide first response when a sudden death, homicide or suicide occurs to offer the survivors notification, compassion and guidance Click to Donate in memory of your beloved ones, a friend, neighbor or a colleague

Donate Ksh 10,000 or $100 to help provide community Awareness Program within various activities in villages and other disadvantaged low-income areas, where the awareness among women and girls is almost non-existent. The entire life of a woman in such areas gets just limited to social boundaries, restricting women from stepping into outside world. Keeping all the views in mind Safedrive Africa Foundation is consistently working in the direction of women and girl’s empowerment through community awareness and engagement program Click to Donate

Donate Ksh 100,000 or $1000 will help SDAF with It is necessary to create better awareness of the value of road safety and Air pollution in education within the rural schools and in the communities. Safedrive Africa Foundation has a goal of reaching 5,000 students and 600 parents/guardians in 50 schools (35 primary schools and 15 secondary schools) by July 2030. Behavior change and awareness of climate change, gender equity in transportation is the best path out of the grim cycle of poverty so many live in Click to Donate

Donate as little Ksh 3,000 or $30 will help SDAF to provides advocacy and accompaniment, assistance with filing for an order of protection, filing for Victims Compensation and crisis counseling throughout the justice process ensuring that victims’ rights are being upheld and their voice is being heard. SDAF has a victim advocate/counselor office to provide immediate assistance to victims. The Safedrive Africa Foundation Alliance traffic advocate accompanies victims to court and provides follow up reminders and information on case changes. Click to Donate

Donate Ksh 50,000 or $500 or more will help Behaviour Change Communication (BCC)

  • In addition to providing people with information, helps people change their behaviour that exposes them to greater risks.
  • A facilitated process that allows individuals and communities to think about their experiences performing (or not performing) a behaviour and then discussing why/how they can make the decision to change their behavior Click to Donate

Donate Ksh 20,000 or $200 will help Social Mobilization (SM).

  • Broad scale movement to engage people's participation in achieving a specific development goal through self-reliant efforts.
  • Populations need to be well informed though preferably numerous and varied channels appropriate to the cultural context Click to Donate

Donate Ksh 2,000 or $20 will Support one public transport (matatu) a driver and conductor to attend the road safety awareness training and injury prevention to help halve road deaths and serious injuries by 2030. Click to Donate

Donate Ksh 5,000 or $50 to Supports three public transport (matatu) a driver and two conductor to attend the road safety awareness program and injury prevention to help halve road deaths and serious injuries by 2030. Click to Donate

Donate Ksh 20,000 or $200 Enables Safedrive Africa Foundation Initiative to retain its invaluable and passionate staff and volunteers. Click to Donate

Donate Ksh 50,000 or $5000 to facilitate a road safety awareness program for 25 school bus drivers or 25 public transport (matatu) drivers and 25 conductors in the session. Click to Donate

Donate Ksh 500,000 or $5,000 to facilitate a road safety awareness programs for 100 public school bus drivers or 50 public transport (matatu) drivers and 100 conductors in the session. Click to Donate

Donate Ksh 100,000 or $1000 to facilitate a road safety awareness program for 50 public school bus drivers or 50 public transport (matatu) drivers and 50 conductors in the session. Click to Donate

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