SDAF secretariat governance and leadership is established by board of Directors to bring together years of experience in Non-Government Organizations, Private Sector, diverse perspectives and unique community insights. SDAF secretariat board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the foundation and supporting our passion for community we serve.

Details of the Board’s roles and responsibilities are set out in the bylaws which have been approved by the Board in the SDAF constitution document.

Our Team

Isaac Mutashi -
Chairman &Executive Director
Mr. Zachary Ngare
Associate Director
Salome Gatere
National Secretary
Salome Owuonda
Gender-Senior Program Officer
Eddie Wren
Group Oversees Executive Director
Emily Gideon
Mental Health & Counseling Officer
Eugene Herbert
Training Director
Hala Alali
Executive Director - Communications
Mr. Dickson Kithinji
E-Mobility - Senior project Officer
James Nyamwea
Mr John Muchangi
Director - Public relations and communication
Anne Karanja
Director - Administration

Our Platinum Partners

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