ITS World Congress 2020: The new age of mobility

Date: 9-15 November 2020

Location: Global

Organisers: Global

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ITS World Congress 2020: The new age of mobility

Date: 4-8 October 2020

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Organisers: ITS America

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IRU World Congress 2020: Intelligence on the Move Transforming Road Transport, Mobility and Logistics

Date: 19-21 October 2020

Location: Berlin, Germany

Organisers: International Road Union (IRU)

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Innotrans 2020

Date: 22-25 September 2020

Location: Berlin, Germany

Organisers: Innotrans

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Walk 21 Seoul

Date: 22-25 September 2020

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Organisers: Walk 21

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Velo-city 2020 - POSTPONED

Date: 2-5 June 2020

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Organisers: European Cyclists' Federation (ECF)

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IMPACT MOBILITY Europe 2020: Connecting Public and Private to Deliver Infrastructure and Investment for Scalable, Sustainable & Profitable Mobility Services

Date: 24 - 25 June 2020

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Organisers: Reuters

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2nd United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference - POSTPONED

Date: 5-7 May 2020

Location: Beijing, China

Organisers: United Nations

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ITF 2020 Summit: Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development - POSTPONED

Date: 22-29 May 2020

Location: Leipzig, Germany

Organisers: International Transport Forum (ITF)

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Africa Climate Week 2020 - POSTPONED

Date: 20-24 April 2020

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Organisers: UNFCCC

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