Campaigns in Schools

Throughout the year, the road safety team co-ordinate a number of campaigns targeting road user groups as part of its road casualty reduction strategy.

There are various ways in which publicity surrounding our campaigns can be used to impact upon the vulnerable 'at risk' groups or the anti-social behavior of some drivers. The greatest effect is obtained with sustained, well-targeted information which impacts on a target group.

All of our publicity takes account of national and local issues by supporting:-

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We can help training your drivers to respond appropriately in an accident situation could prevent or reduce injuries, reduce repair costs and speed up the repair process.

Response immediately after impact

The moments directly after an accident are critically important for minimising harm. Drivers need to be appropriately trained to respond automatically, even in less serious crashes with no injuries.

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Boda Boda safety Awareness

The SDAF advocates for Safety in collaboration with BAK , NTSA , police and other stakeholders , for a systematic approach to Boda Boda or motorcycle safety based on evidence. Positioned for Safety is the result of consultation with riders, the Boda Boda industry, road safety organisations, local government and government agencies. It provides a framework and direction for stakeholders to improve road safety for motorcyclists.

Our aim is to enable riders:

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Child Pedestrian program

We deliver a range of road safety publicity campaigns which address local, regional and national issues by educating, informing and encouraging safer road user behavior by working in partnership with our local and international does not matter where you live and school, at safedrive Africa we deliver anywhere anytime to save lives.

Child Pedestrian Training

Safedrive Africa child pedestrian training is aimed at Primary School, and is delivered through the twice a year to Schools project. Children are encouraged to develop strategies for crossing the road safely and supervised by road safety trainers children learn to:-

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Driver Training

An effective fuel efficiency program should include a driver development element to enhance driver knowledge of vehicle technology and improved driving practices. Alongside improving the fuel efficiency of drivers, the driver development plan will improve safety through adherence to speed limits and reduced maintenance costs.
Benefits of driver training
Training your heavy vehicle drivers to drive more safely and fuel efficiently can help your business to:

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Improve driver performance and satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve vehicle resale value
  • Reduce running and maintenance costs
  • Create a strong health and safety culture
  • Lower risk of vehicle damage and injury

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