International Adviser

At the foundation organization’s governance we have a team of specialists with extensive road safety experience, who maintain a breadth and depth of knowledge; this enables SDAF NGO for road safety to provide authoritative insights that improve road safety management system. It also underlines our commitment to being leaders in the field together saving 5 million lives by proudly supporting Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.


Eddie Wren

Group Managing Director-Overseas

Mr. Eddie he is involved in international overseas traffic and road safety management and expert witness reports, operational safety assessments, road safety auditing and training for the Safedrive Africa foundation (SDAF) in the united states of America

Eddie Wren joined the police in Britain in 1971 and by 1974 had focused on the fact that dramatically more people were killed each year as a result of road crashes than    were killed by crime – a situation that still persists to this day, albeit with a dramatically reduced gap. As a result, his chosen specialisation was to become a traffic patrol   officer and he stayed in that role until the end of his police career. During this time, he further specialised in the safety of young drivers and motorcycle riders – the most   at-risk group of road users.

During his police service, Eddie took six months’ unpaid leave and travelled widely (all by road) in north, east, central and west Africa – a continent for which he has very warm feelings – and he also did a lot of driving there.Following his time in the police, Eddie became a professional photographer and did a lot of work for lawyers and insurance companies on crash scene photography and related civil investigations. He later accepted the opportunity to work as a senior instructor for the British School of Motoring [BSM] and was in charge of an area of about 3,000 square miles in the North West of England. Subsequent to this, he was head-hunted and he accepted an invitation to become the managing director of an advanced driver training company.

After leaving Britain and settling in the USA at the start of the new century, Eddie first established a not-for-profit organization called ‘Drive and Stay Alive’. He later went into partnership and jointly founded the driver training corporation ‘Advanced Drivers of America, Inc.’ [ADA], of which he is now the president, chief instructor and sole owner. Throughout ADA’s existence, Eddie has worked to bring it closely in line with all relevant areas of road safety research and likewise with all relevant areas of global best practice – something which makes ADA unique.

Eddie has closely followed the World Bank, WHO and UN initiative that has led to the current global ‘Decade of Action’ for Road Safety, and has attended multiple meetings at the United Nations, both in Geneva and New York. In 2011, he also became the invited and founding chair of the ‘Driver Behaviour, Education and Training’ committee of the International Road Federation [IRF], in Washington, D.C., and he was given free rein to populate the committee with his own choice of road safety experts from around the world. He is also the author/co-author of several published research papers on various aspects of driver safety.

And last but by no means least, Eddie is both delighted and grateful for the opportunity to work as overseas director with the Safedrive Africa Foundation, in which position he hopes to strongly help increase the safety of road users in what he sees as a wonderful continent.


Hala Alali

Traffic Safety Ambassador

Executive Director-Traffic Safety Ambassador and a Professional Journalist for the foundation in the United Arabs Emirates, in addition t she is a member of the Emirates Volunteers Association .She was selected by, HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister ,to be traffic safety ambassador in the UAE . Hala decided to visualized her massages as short movies for road safety which, will help to spread safety messages among the community to encourage behavior change and save lives. Especially, young generation who ignore the rules and laws of traffic safety, and her first work called the breakdown: She devoted herself to save families from losing their loved ones, while also reducing the economic costs. As well as she found it is necessary to communicate with vehicles drivers face to face to give them notes and information in form. Hala is also responsible for managing the foundation through social medial and publicity on traffic Safety initiative Also she used social media to complete her spiritual massages. Because it’s extremely active way to connect the community through road safety awareness.


Eugine Herbert

Group Training Director

Mr Herbert is a Senior Research Fellow & Co-coordinator at the Road Safety projects in Kenya and South Africa. He has undergraduate training was in psychology and postgraduate training was in Public Health (epidemiology). Her principal research interest is young drivers, and in particular the graduated driver licensing system and its impact on young driver behaviour. Mr Herbert's current and recent research focuses on young newly licensed drivers and the graduated driver licensing system, and motorcycling injury research