Our Team

Established by Board of trustee our objective purpose is to provide advocacy and research to save lives on road safety education, support the development continuing improvement and efficacy of road safety programs in reducing youth road traffic trauma. The foundation help to ensure that Road Safety awareness Programs remain evidence-based at the forefront of quality road safety education for young people.

The members of the foundation are eminent researchers from Kenya, rest of Africa,Central Asia,United Emirates Arabs and the United states of America. The combined experience and expertise concerning youth road safety that they bring to our organization is significant.


 Eddie Wren - American

Group Managing Director-Oversees and is the Director for Advance Drivers of America and responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the Foundation. He has over 25 years’ experience in road safety research and policy development. As a founding member of SDAF, Eddie has been involved in the development and delivery of courses in road safety and traffic psychology for undergraduate and postgraduate students in UK and USA. Eddie has lead research teams examining a range of road user behaviour issues including drink driving, speeding, driver licensing, driver education and traffic law enforcement during his service in the police forces in UK.




Hala Alali - Emirates

Executive Director -Traffic Safety Ambassador and a Professional Journalist for Safedrive Africa foundation in the United Arabs Emirates, in addition she is a member of the Emirates Volunteers Association .She was selected by, HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister ,to be traffic safety ambassador in the UAE .Hala decided to visualized her massages as short movies for road safety which, will help to spread safety messages among the community to encourage behavior change and save lives. Especially, young generation who ignore the rules and laws of traffic safety,her first work called the breakdown: She devoted herself to save families from losing their loved ones from traffic accidents, while also reducing the economic costs. As well as she found it is necessary to communicate with vehicles drivers face to face to give them notes and information in form. Hala is also responsible for Directing the foundation through social medial and publicity on traffic Safety initiative Also she used social media to complete her spiritual massages. Because it’s extremely active way to connect the community through road safety awareness.


Mr. Zachary Ngare -Kenyan

Joined the foundation and as a co-founding Associate Director in 2012 and he over 5 years’ experience in highways, transportation, traffic management and road safety. Mr.Ngare is also Managing Director at the HOYWIK with current partnership in the Safedrive Africa foundation. Mr.Ngare has a number of technical roles at the foundation: Developing and managing training courses as well as speaking on them To manage transport, traffic Report and road safety projects including grand proposal writing. Producing SDAF policy guidance and publications for several projects including road safety plans and consultation guidance .




Eugine Herbert - South African

Group Training Director ,a Senior Research Fellow & Co-coordinator at the Road Safety projects in Kenya and South Africa.Mr Eugene he's also Managing Director at RAC south Africa,he has undergraduate training was in psychology and postgraduate training was in Public Health (epidemiology). Her principal research interest is young drivers, and in particular the graduated driver licensing system and its impact on young driver behavior. Herbert’s current and recent research focuses on young newly licensed drivers and the graduated driver licensing system, and motorcycling injury research.




Isaac Mutashi - Kenyan

Program Manager - Road Safety Ambassador in the study of road user behavior among road users,he is also a volunteer Director at the Humanity for orphans widow initiative in Kenya.He has led & contributed to numerous driver evaluating,instructor training's ,fleet and safety education in driving academies, advanced methods for drivers and research to understand the needs of young people to save lives. In 2010 he was the lead author of an international evidence review of best practice for teen driving in Qatar and Central Asia.He's a Founding member of civil societies for non motorist transport (NMT) in Kenya organized by  UNEP,he is active assembly member at the global dialogue foundation for unity in diversity - Australia since 2012. Mutashi work has been widely advocating on road safety to save lives in Kenya as well rest of Africa,Asia Pacific & the UAE,he has presented various international forums,workshops to international security forces attending post  crash scenes and providing psychological input to emergency crash respond, He has worked for the UK Government,supported Romanian forces,Mongolian Forces,Georgian Forces,US Forces - Department of State ,supported State of Qatar Government -Traffic department within operations for driver training.


M/s Mary Oranga - Kenyan

Founding member of the SDAF Group in 2012, having previously worked in the oil & gas and garment making industries in Kenya.Initially Mary worked in a public and communications role, delivering our corporate re-branding and launch of our Internet and Intranet sites. Moving into HR in 2013, Mary was promoted to Director of Human Resources in 2014.Her role is to develop a strategic approach within a number of areas: culture; recruitment & retention; management development; succession management and reward strategy to meet the long-term needs of the organisation.


Mr.James Nyamwea - Kenyan

Executive Director and Treasurer  at the foundation since in 2012 as a founding member,he leads a road safety and youth empowerment programs and develop a marketing strategy for the young people in Groups and in divisions.He has recently been promoted to take overall responsibility for treasurer within the Group.Mr.Nyamwea has marketing and organization development experience, coming from a strong travel and mobility background with a focus on developing brands, having previously worked as marketing manager within the fleet Corporation industry.


Mr John Muchangi - Kenyan

Director of Public relations and communication, responsible committed journalist who displays an ability to write balanced, informative and interesting stories that give all involved parties an opportunity to have their say. Mr.Muchangi is a Kenyan science journalist and Knight Science journalism fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is studied global health systems and climate change at MIT and Harvard.He Possess excellent bonding skills and an inquiring mind that helps to win over the confidence of our communities. He’s Multi skilled with an ability to build strong working relationships with fellow investigators,photographers,columnists and news editors.




Anne Karanja - Kenyan

joined the foundation in 2012 as Director of administration.She is involved in the foundations development and Consultancy side of the business. Essentially this encompasses the development of the NGO’s service portfolio to both new and existing partners and subsequently developing new marketing and collaboration initiatives to support this. Miss.Karanja is also responsible for directing the Road Safety processes at the foundation which involves being one of the key contacts for our partners. Outside of work, Miss.Karanja enjoys various types of dancing ranging from modern dance, to lyrical and bowling. Miss.Karanja also enjoys travelling, particularly ski-ing at Panari sky Centre in Kenya.




Salome Gatere - Kenyan

Miss Gatere joined the foundation in 2013 as National secretary.She is involved in the foundations, development  finance for the Audits and Consultancy side of the business. Essentially this encompasses the development of the organisation's service portfolio to both new and existing partners and subsequently developing new initiatives to support this. Miss Gatere is also responsible for managing the Road Safety Audit process at the foundation which involves being one of the key contacts for audit clients.Outside of work, Miss Gatere enjoys various types of music ranging from modern dance, to lyrical. Miss Gatere also enjoys traveling, particularly with her family.