Our Membership

Sustainability and Greater Involvement

For sustainability purposes and greater involvement of our partners and the greater public, Safedrive Africa Foundation for road safety in Kenya has set up a membership scheme where one joins as an individual or organization and making an annual contribution or donation to qualify for membership  and also support our activities and programs for greater reach and maximization of road traffic impact within our community. Other members’ benefits include participation and contribution towards our road safety projects towards Zero Tolerance. The following are the categories for membership:


Individual Member

Annual membership fee including individuals is Kshs. 2,000 (USD$ 20)- Supporting members will receive a personalized our organization newsletter, wristband/road safety campaign material and updates on our SDAF programs/Training of 1 Driver plus Certificate of Participation


For institutional members who wish to support the “ROAD SAFETY” initiative, see category below:


Silver Corporate Member

Annual membership fee is Kshs. 5,000 (USD$ 50) - Silver corporate member will receive a personalized hard copy of our organization newsletter,annual  free Drivers and Equipment refresher road safety training workshop, transport and fleet admin staff outsourcing , updates on our road safety projects,mention your company in our newsletters, Free road safety workshop training up to  3 Driver plus Certificate of Participation.

Gold Corporate Member

Annual membership fee is Kshs. 10,000 (USD$ 100)- Gold corporate member will receive a personalized hard-copy of our organization newsletter,road safety campaign material, updates on our road safety programs, T-shirt, a mention your company initiative in our newsletter and our road Branding including , a personal invitation to all our road safety events and company your logo included on our Branding,assist your company free of charge with marketing and promotion initiative towards zero together, free annual Drivers refresher training on road safety including your company staff outsourcing ,Annual FREE Road safety workshop training up 5 Driver plus Certificate of Participation and consultancy on related driving behavior free of charge to corporate partners.


We also welcome any kind of donation including office equipments,sports kits,reading materials for kids,bikes,reflectors,helmets,road safety items or anything valuable items that can support the public,the society from willing partners or organization.