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A Road Safety Resource for Members

As a Health and Road Safety collaboration with SDAF, you are recognized as having the in-depth industry knowledge necessary to promote workplace health and safety in your sector and to help your members implement and improve systems that reduce workplace injuries and fatalities.

We want to contribute to that from a road safety perspective. Road Safety At Work is here to support you in providing knowledge and resources to employers to help them reduce work-related motor vehicle incidents.

The tools and information on this website are directed primarily toward employers and employees that drive. You can easily share these resources with your members.

For road safety issues that have a high priority for your association or its members, we would be pleased to collaborate to answer questions and develop solutions.

Take advantage of the resources and services we offer. Contact us if you would like to co-host a road safety workshop or learn more about what we do. We would be pleased to extend our advisory services in cooperation with you.

We are also available for presentations at your conferences, safety days you develop with members, training sessions, board meetings or special events.

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