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We are as a good opportunity for your company CSR efforts in our society. We want to invite you to partner with us, right from the start – and this can happen on various levels to STOP road carnage and change road user behavior :

Adopt a road risk topic on Health & Safety,Road safety workshop for employees at workplace or subject of your choice’ of one of the various topics and safety tips of Road Safety, which are for example ‘proper use of Seat belt, drunk driving, helmet use, child restraint, tire safety,Pre check drive, fuel saving, ECO Friendly, indicators, walking safely, ride safely, speeding, etc. – we are sure you will find ‘your’ topic which fits well to your organization, your brand, your product or a specific product feature.



Is there an audience that the Safedrive Africa can help you reach? By partnering with us we can help you engage with shared target audiences, such as youth or young professionals. When you sponsor an event, exhibition or programme through us, you will benefit from our full online and offline initiative.

We are helping our partners to effectively promote their products and services.



The Safedrive Africa’s brand is trusted and represents the best of the African NGO Leadership for road safety Africa has to offer. For more than 5 years we have been helping our communities locally and organisations globally. Our brand is based on valuing our partners, communities we serve, integrity and professionalism. These values underpin everything we do to Save 5 Millions Lives.

Whether you are looking to sponsor, co-brand or become an official partner, we can add value to your brand. Through channels including events, online campaigns and social media, we can also promote your brand nationwide and internationally.



We can tap our expertise in running socially-minded programmes to help you achieve your goals for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). From developing and promoting a programme to building relationships and gaining employee buy-in to save lives, we will act as a full partner to ensure your efforts are effective. An important strand of our CSR partnerships is engaging and motivating staff at our partner companies.

Staff involved in our CSR activities often report a strong sense of “giving something back to community” and belonging to a socially responsible organisation. With our African trusted brand, we are also able to promote your CSR profile both nationwide and internationally.

Access our global network. For over the years, we have been connecting links between Kenya and other countries.This enables us to build strong relationships with government leaders, policy makers, senior advisers and the wider public.

Our work spans Road safety campaigns, Advocacy, HR Services, Research, society and the saving lives initiative we are able to connect you to global networks of expertise in each of these areas. Our activities and exposure often go beyond country boundaries, enabling our partners to bring their activities up to an international level.

If you’re interested in partnering with us please fill out the information form.