Undertake research

Improving road safety outcomes into the future requires new research programs.

The SDAF for Road Safety undertake its own research programs in association with various research agencies. This research would be rolled out progressively and would aim to identify ways of improving the delivery of road safety education and training as well as community mobilization programs.

This would be a vital aspect to the longer term operations of the foundation and would establish the organization as one of the country’s leading road safety facilities.

The foundation would also aim to provide a separate funding channel to assist in undertaking new road safety research programs.

Discussions have also been held with other leading international road safety charities on opportunities to work collaboratively on other research objectives and avenues for supporting victims of road trauma.

Support for Victims of Road Trauma

Our road safety efforts are designed to provide greater awareness to all road users in order to help reduce road trauma.

We also provide various resources to people whose lives have been devastated by the death of a loved one or a serious injury following a road crash.The Foundation provides a range of support materials and resources for both persons directly involved with, and those affected by, road crashes.

In addition, the Foundation produces and distributes a range of educational material to assist in the promotion of road safety and crash prevention. These resources are designed to provide both emotional support and practical help. Our support and information services are available to anyone affected by road trauma.