Training to Individuals

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of preventable injury and death for children and youth. Road Traffic fatalities, injuries and trauma have enormous impacts on individuals, families and communities. Education on road safety needs to start at a young age and continue as children grow, while keeping the safety topics relevant according to their age.National and local road safety issues are the subject of regular publicity campaigns including highlighting the dangers of drinking and driving, speeding and the need to wear a seat belt, Helmet use and Child protection. The Road Safety Education Safedrive Africa Foundation team also offers advice on child car seats and workshops for young people.

Above pictures are school bus drivers during road safety workshop hosted by Safedrive Africa foundation,in addition was an awareness on international level of crossing awareness training held on on 2rd June 2013.we appeal to all employers to implement driver safety program at their workplace.We are willing to work with you together we can save lives and make a change to change drivers behavior.

Hosting a Road Safety Week or Road Safety Day is a fun and educational way to promote road safety awareness and engage students as well as the greater school community.

School-based programs and campaigns as well as community involvement are key elements of an integrated approach to reducing road traffic-related injuries and fatalities. Learning extends beyond the classroom and can involve a variety of stakeholders including families, police officers, public health nurses, government officials and non-profit organizations in your community.


The goal of an awareness day or week is to develop:

  • Knowledge and understanding of road safety relating to driver distractions, impaired driving, and ATVs;
  • Behavioural skills necessary to survive on our roads and reinforcing the Healthy School approach;
  • An understanding of their own responsibilities for keeping themselves safe and healthy;
  • Knowledge of the causes and consequences of road collisions involving driver distraction, drinking, and speeding;
  • A responsible attitude to their own safety and to the safety of others.

 Suggested Activities

  • Speeding/ Seat Belts Posters
  • Seat Belt and Child Car Seat Use
  • Seat Belts Saves Life
  • Buckled for Life
  • Slow Down And Buckle Up Activity
  • Think Of Me

Write to us today and become our lifetime partner on road safety with your staffs.