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Our approach is to work not only for you but with you. Firstly we set about understanding your needs, your challenges and your initiative. We want to understand your company towards safer mobility and the environment, what works well and what doesn’t. We then work to provide practical solutions. We pride ourselves on our professional approach and always use best practice, codes or our significant in-house resources to provide you with well-reasoned and evidence based recommendations. We will review options with you and continue to refine our deliverables until you are satisfied. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and promote health and safety at work to save lives. At Safedrive Africa Foundation we help companies and Fleet Managers to reduce costs while increasing the safety and efficiency of their motor vehicle. We look at every aspect of fleet management to find cost and efficiency savings for your business to safer cities and mobility.

In 2012 we added we the consultancy services to our product portfolio, recognized as a Non-profit organization with high quality service that would be a great asset to the organisation, our community and our partners. Safedrive Africa Foundation has been a great success to Safedrive Africa Foundation and very exciting as further community services and enhancements have been introduced.Our mission is to provide professional services to best practical solutions in order to have safer roads for all users.



Whether you operate a fleet of passenger cars, specialised vehicles or trucks, we have extensive resources and experience in Tactical and non tactical vehicle inspection management to assist you with your next project, improvement initiative, problem or review.

We can manage:

  • Fleet ,Dispatch review and improvement
  • Transport management strategy development
  • Policy and procedure development and review
  • Safety and environmental improvements
  • Benchmarking and Brand representative
  • Utilisation analysis
  • Fit for purpose fleet selection
  • Inspection Yard and Lane Management to promote road worthy vehicles



We specialise in professional development in the areas of fleet management,Driving School Institutions, automotive management, transport and logistics. We can provide training materials for delivery by our experienced practitioners or materials for your own delivery.

We can manage:

  • Preparing Road safety Training materials
  • Road safety, Driving instructors and Training delivery
  • Team development and Capacity building
  • One to one employee coaching
  • Products and Service tailored to your situation on site level
  • Pedestrian point painting and awareness

Tutoring For Your Needs Industry,Organization,Company or Institution Based Training. The business needs are continually changing. It is more important today than ever before to remain current and relevant through on-going learning and professional development.

Training Delivery

Professional development training is most effective when supported by skilled delivery and quality learning materials. Our approach is to make training relevant to the participants work environment and provide opportunities to apply what is learnt to real life situations,for more information please write to us


We provide a flexible resource and on-call expertise to assist you manage your business. We can help you ensure compliance and enforcement obligations are met and that the financial and operational benefits of good fleet management.

We can manage:

  • Maintenance management and scheduling
  • Workshop design
  • Supply fleet safety products
  • Fleet inspection management
  • Program and project management
  • Report and submission preparation

This option is especially relevant to small and medium sized organisations with a diverse fleet. We can provide a comprehensive and cost effective alternative by taking care of all fleet management requirements on a unit rate or total fleet basis.



There are times when a business needs additional resources to meet its obligations. We provide that flexibility when required and can help take the pressure off by:

We can manage:

  • Providing planning support
  • Reviewing documentation
  • Preparing fleet and Transport reports
  • Providing advice on Fleet inventory assistant
  • Utilisation Reports management
  •           Stock Inventory and Asset Management
  •           Dedicated On-site Team support