Our Specific Objectives

Within the framework of the foregoing, the organization we have the following principal objects:-

  • To create and change attitudes and behaviors of all road users.
  • To reduce the incidence and impact of road Accidents/trauma by counseling and supporting driver educating and empowering roads users.
  • To conduct communities and schools trainings in order to reduce road accident and save lives
  • Empower drivers/conductors with safety skills and Promotes awareness of the importance of road safety to public health.
  • To strive for improved traffic culture and improved road safety on streets and roads
  • To provide advocacy and lobbying for road safety policies,
  • To encourage multi-sectored inputs into the project, and the uses of media to promote road safety programs,
  • To provide technical and strategic support for communities road safety initiatives.
  • To support the road victims/families participation in addressing poverty and in useful community activities.
  • To organize road safety campaigns, training workshops, seminars for wider positive impact,
  • To develop periodic and strategic Information Education Materials (IECs) for wider dissemination to the general public.
  • To form strategic partnerships and collaboration with likeminded agencies, corporate sectors, NGOs, CBOs and FBOs to address road safety programs.