Job Seeker

How we can help you Improve your skills

Our work-based Road safety initiative gives you the skills employers are looking for. Often employers value soft skills such as presentation and confidence as much as paper qualifications. We will work with you to overcome any difficulties you have in finding a job,at Safedrive Africa we empower young people especially from those whom are from traffic affected families to eradicate poverty in our societies.

In-work support

We will support you as you adjust to being in employment by helping to meet your first week's travel  or advising you of in-work benefits you may be entitled to. Our youth Empowerment Advisors will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your new job.

Gain work experience

We support to offer work experience placements for youths in our communities in Kenya with a limited empowerment history in the feet and automotive institutions,Logistics and Driving school companies through collaboration with our local and international partners.

Work experience placements are a useful way to gain experience for traffic  dramatized families who have a limited employment history. for those looking for a short-term placement may also find a work experience position more suitable to support  their families.

Job hunting tools

Our  Advisers offer advice support on how to write a good CV to our partners and supporters to support safer cities and mobility, or how to answer difficult questions during interview. Job seekers also have access to all twin facilities like the internet and stationery to make the process of applying for jobs easy

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