Free Human Resource Service To Our Partners

Let us fill your vacancies for you, fuss free and help reduce poverty and traffic trauma in our community, commitment free and cost free. Safedrive Africa Foundation we are committed in supporting our communities to reduce poverty and trauma care among traffic affected families in Kenya, and strongly support the 10 Principles of the UN global compact, the key to successful placement is in taking the time to listen and understand the needs of your business. Safedrive Africa will work closely with you to ensure you receive candidates that suit your vacancies, with the relevant skills and a willingness to learn what makes your business tick.

All of our candidates from our communities are pre-screened and chosen for your vacancies based on the criteria you provide.

If you have a number of vacancies we can even design a bulk recruitment programme or pre-employment training course that is tailored to your organisation drivers and fleet admins.

Our free recruitment service not only saves you time and money but gives you:

  • A dedicated organization Consultant.
  • Candidates that have been pre-screened.
  • Assistance with arranging interviews and interview room use.
  • Candidates who have received pre-interview training and youth empowerment support.
  • Candidates with relevant and current skills training.
  • On-going youth employment support for you and your new employee.

Plus, once your new employee is settled in, we can provide free on the job training to keep their skills up to date to save lives.

Additionally, Safedrive Africa Foundation skills development service is available to the rest of your workforce too, helping you invest in your staff’s skills and increase work morale, which is proven to increase motivation, loyalty and productivity.

Whatever the size of your business, try our free recruitment services today by supporting our initiative and discover why employers rely on Safedrive Initiative to help them to recruit and find their ideal, new team members

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