The foundation is a Road safety NGO that provides driver awareness training at no charge to the students in schools and to the community. 

We need volunteers.

The foundation  has been developed and is currently staffed by a small band of volunteers.  We welcome assistance from other volunteers. 

We are looking for people with a passion to keep our young people safe from crashes and road trauma.    The SDAF NGO for Road Safety program is currently presented in over 70 schools and we have trained over 20,000 students and 10,000 Drivers/Instructors. 

To expand the program to other African countries and schools we are looking for people to volunteer to help us.  A variety of skills are required.

Why doesn’t SDAF NGO for Road Safety charge students?

Road safety is such an important issue. We do not want any student to miss out on the SDAF NGO for Road Safety training because they cannot afford to attend a "paid for" class.

The foundation  has been supported by donations and sponsorships from companies, local government, the Kenya Government and from small donations from individuals and community organisations.

Since we started in 2010, SDAF NGO for Road Safety has demonstrated the fundamental success of our educational program. Now is the time is now to offer our proven course throughout Kenya,Tanzania,SouthAfrica,Uganda,USA,Portugal,Qatar,UAE, Afghanistan and Asia among others.

What do our volunteers do

Put simply, volunteers do work for free to help us to keep our operating costs down.  That way more of each dollar we raise goes to the training of young adults.

So if you’re interested in volunteering time and skills to reduce the deaths and injuries from car crashes to young people please keep reading. 


Includes data entry, letters/correspondence, file development, electronic data storage.Newsletter coordinator and writer, press releases.

Filming & movie making skills

The foundation  is soon to undergoes a review of the program where it will include “ pieces to camera” of specific messages . If you’re interested or have skills in script writing, filming and editing please give us a call.

Power point expertise

The foundation  is a power point based program to ensure it is a easy as possible to deliver in schools.  If you have experience here in the finer arts of power point please give us a call.


The success of  the foundation  is due to its research prior to its development. With this in mind it is still vital that we research the latest studies on road safety to see how we can continue to keep our people safe on the roads. Interested in helping?   Please give us a call.

Training & development

A broad role to review the effectiveness of the program , recommend changes as required for approval, develop new strategies be part of the team to develop the program.

Fundraising & grant writing

We are looking for people with skills in grant writing and fundraising at a higher level.  We cannot survive without funding and have a real need for support.

SDAF NGO for Road Safety Liaison people

A wide spectrum of roles however all rewarding.

IT & web management

The foundation has embraced modern IT to deliver its road safety message as that is what young people understand. We would welcome people with IT skills, Web skills.

Policy writing & review

As the foundation for Road Safety grows there is a need to review current policies and introduce new ones.   As you would be aware these take skill and time. Interested in helping? Please give us a call.

 The foundation for Road Safety team will welcome your input, assistance and advice.  

Some volunteering roles are suited to working from home and meeting on a regular basis with other team members while others will defiantly require a team approach. 

Whatever takes your interest, please let us know as the safety of our young people on our roads is so very important. 

Want to know more about us?


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