For many fleet drivers their vehicle is their workplace so safety is a major consideration in fleet vehicle selection. The same is not always true for fleet driver selection. As a group, drivers are the major contributing factor to vehicle collisions. Reducing the risk of collisions and improving fleet safety means improving fleet drivers’ attitudes and behaviors. This is best achieved through effective training.

Companies with significant fleet investments see a correlation between fleet productivity and profitability. In addition to saving lives and reducing injuries, improving fleet safety can increase bottom line performance. One of the many ways Safedrive Africa improves safety and operational efficiency for fleets is by delivering highly effective driver-training.

Our workshops are another of our key services. The standard workshop is a free, half-day session designed to help participants begin or improve an occupational road safety program. Participants learn how to effectively use the tools, resources and content on our site and customize them to address the unique road safety issues and needs facing their organizations.

Who Should Attend

Content and exercises are of interest to Aid Agencies drivers, Taxi drivers, commercial drivers, driving instructor’s, Fleet managers, supervisors, School bus drivers, Security company drivers Diplomatic mission drivers, government drivers, local authority drivers fire and rescue members, private companies drivers and others who have responsibility developing road safety awareness programs to keep employees and our communities safe.

We seek to have 3 to 40 participants in each workshop.


  • On your site or hired venue or Your company premises
  • Time       :  Flexible
  • Duration : 4 Hours Driver Training workshop

Our objective is to connect with employers by offering workshops in centers throughout the country and across borders. Workshops are scheduled based on employer interest, so if you are interested in having a workshop in your community, company/organisation, or at the religion centre, college or university contact us using the information below.

We are available to develop and facilitate topic-specific and sector-specific workshops too. If you and other employers want to work on solutions to Child restraint, distracted driving, helmet use, speeding, fatigue, driver assessment or other driving-related challenges, we will happily collaborate with you to develop a workshop.

Road Safety is the product of a complex system that involves interactions among the vehicle, the environment, and the road user. There are many ways to impact this system, including through road and traffic engineering, traffic legislation, driver training, traffic enforcement and post-crash management. However, amongst all these issues, the behavior of the road user, and specifically, the behavior of the driver remains one of the most important least well understood, elements of safety on the road

Target Group our courses are designed for:

  • Motor Licensing Officers
  • Driving Instructors
  • Managers of Fleet Organisations
  • Drivers of Medium / Heavy Cargo Vehicles
  • Drivers of Buses including School Buses
  • Drivers of Vehicles carrying Dangerous and Hazardous Goods
  • Drivers of Light Motor Vehicle
  • Physically Challenged Drivers
  • Two Wheeler / Boda Boda Riders 
  • Driver of Non-Motorized Vehicles
  • Tour guide Driver Operators
  • Cabs and Taxi Drivers
  • Government Drivers
  • Courses are also tailor-made for Corporate/ Institutions/ Organizations

Over 80,000 drivers have since been trained by SDAF and each of these drivers has gone through a process of pre- and post-training assessment. This assessment has helped Safedrive Africa better understand the needs of drivers and identify places where instructional methods need to be improved

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