Safedrive Africa Foundation (SDAF) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) officially registered in 2012, governed by the provisions of the Kenya NGO Act Number 19 of 1990 implemented by the Kenya NGOs Coordination Bureau for local non-profit and international non-profit organizations and foundations.

SDAF champions the active participation of young people in advocating for road safety, carbon emission, rights for victims, climate action in mobility, and sustainable mobility by promoting the integrated use of public transport and public spaces with other means of transport, to achieve greater well-being and a better quality of life of all people around in Kenya.

Our story began in the state of Qatar, in 2010 where a visionary group of people from different countries and traumatized affected families, decided to bring a fresh perspective to the world of Transport, by involving young people listening to their perspective experiences on Public Transport including sharing of public spaces.

Health and Safety, environmental sustainability drives all aspects of SDAF's work. Road safety, public spaces, streets and parks are essential to the well-being of people and societies, and vital for economic growth and prosperity. For years, SDAF has worked to make Private, commercial road transport safer for everyone.

SDAF work with community, Local Authorities, Partners, Police Forces, Rescue Services, health and other organisations to showcase our work throughout the Country. On our campaign’s website page you will find information locally and internationally on project we have implemented.

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Our Objective and Target

We are pride of ourselves on our professional approach and always use best practice, codes or our significant in-house resources to provide you with well-reasoned and evidence based recommendations. Our goal is to halve road deaths and serious injures by 2030. At SDAF we help communities, companies and Fleet Managers to save lives, reduce costs while increasing the safety and efficiency of their motor vehicle fleet.

For over years since 2012, from remote mining sites and post-conflict countries to developed countries, we have provided solutions to communities, private sectors and both commercial and government partners. In challenging locations where normal fleet and equipment management services can become problematic, Safedrive Africa Foundation has the expertise & drive to deliver mission success regardless of the complexity and surrounding environment.

Our Team

Isaac Mutashi -
Chairman & Executive Director
Mr. Zachary Ngare
Associate Director
Salome Gatere
National Secretary
Salome Owuonda
Gender-Senior Program Officer
Eddie Wren
Group Oversees Executive Director
Emily Gideon
Mental Health & Counseling Officer
Eugene Herbert
Training Director
Hala Alali
Executive Director - Communications
Mr. Dickson Kithinji
E-Mobility - Senior project Officer
James Nyamwea
Mr John Muchangi
Director - Public relations and communication
Anne Karanja
Director - Administration

Our Platinum Partners

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